The emblem demonstrates the State of Johor Darul Takzim's identity and also to illustrate five main principles of the Local Government and Johor Bahru Tengah Municipal Council (MPJBT). The round shape of MPJBT emblem means that MPJBT's administration lies within areas of unity therefore showing united cooperation by all parties in creating a well-planned, cultural, beautiful and peaceful municipal. The Arabic characters that are written at the upper section of the circle show self esteem, religion and culture that must be preserved.

Colour Description of the Logo


Demonstrates the courage, solid and firm in administration carried out by MPJBT.


Demonstrates national integrity, honesty and determination and willingness of every individual in MPJBT to provide the best services for every community.


Demonstrates the power and superiority of the ruling Royal and also to demonstrate that Johor is a sovereign state. It also shows the high spirit of MPJBT in performing their duties to achieve its goals.


Demonstrates the history of MPJBT area, which previously full with pepper and gambir plantations and it also shows that MPJBT strives to establish a well planned and cultural municipal thus showing the beauty and serenity of its areas.


Demonstrates the dynamic, strength and robust MPJBT when doing their duties to ensure peaceful and harmony.